Sapzurro is a small village located in a bay on the Caribbean side of the Choco province of Colombia near the border with Panama.
The name Sapzurro comes from the  Kuna language and it  means deep bay surrounded by mountains.
In this magical place the tropical jungle comes down the side of the mountains to meet the warm and turquoise waters of the Caribbean ocean creating a wonderful scenery and also a great place to see Mother Nature up close.
Sapzurro, with an average temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit, receives tourism all year long; being December and January the busiest months.
There are no big hotels or very organized accommodations here;  the lodging consist of small cabins or rooms that the locals rent out; and you can choose from beach front to, high up in the mountain hills with million dollar views of the bay, or you can camp by the beach in some of the camping; regardless of your choice you're guaranteed to have a beautiful and peaceful stay. 
For people who like places off  the beaten path Sapzurro is a hard to beat destination where one can go to just relax in a hammock or get in touch with Nature by doing all the activities available here.
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