Although one of the main reasons to come to Sapzurro is to relax and enjoy Nature at it's best there are many things to do and amazing places to visit while you're there.
Among them are: 
                                    Scuba diving.  There are a few companies in Capurgana that offer scuba classes and certification as well as organized trips to                                                                        some of the best spots to see coral reefs and marine life.
                                    Snorkeling. You can basically snorkel in any beach in the area and have a lot of fun watching coral and many species of  fish.
                                                                There are a  couple of places where you can rent the gear and even a souvenir store in Sapzurro that will sell you the                                                                      gear. 

                                    Bird watching. Colombia is known around the world as a paradise for bird watching with close to 2000 species throughout the                                                                               entire country. In the region of Sapzurro with almost 900 different species the bird lover is guaranteed to have                                                                                a great time.
                                    Horse back riding. It is possible to rent horses in Capurgana next to the airport. Here you can pick up a horse that will take you
                                                                                 to El Cielo waterfall and back.

Plenty of trails here will take you to different beaches, waterfalls, into the jungle and to and from Capurgana and La Miel.
                                                     All these trails are safe  and amazing places to be  up close with Mother Nature.

You'll find at least two places in Sapzurro to rent kayaks to explore the bay. During the high season you might find more

La Miel, Panama

Thirty minutes walk from the town of Sapzurro, you'll find the little town of La Miel in Panama. The main attraction here is the beach called Playa Blanca.
To get there from Sapzurro you'll walk through the town and up the mountain until you reach the border on top of the hill; here you'll register your name (no passport needed) with both, Colombian and Panamenian soldiers.  It's good to take a minute to rest here and to appreciate the views to both sides before starting your way down to the town of La Miel.
Once in the town follow the main path to the beach were you'll find a few shacks that offer cold beer, as well as some fruit drinks (alcoholic and not) and even some fresh sea food.
You could also charter a small boat to either take you there from the pier in Sapzurro or to pick you up latter so you don't have to climb the mountain again.

Islas San Blas, Kuna Yala Panama

A couple of hours away by boat you can reach the San Blas Islands of the Kuna Yala region of Panama which is where the Kuna Indians live.
They are settled in small villages scattered throughout the region and most of them welcome tourists.
The best way to go visit them is to talk to a Lanchero (boat owner) in Sapzurro and arrange a tour with him; this way they will take you to see people they know personally and you'll have a more authentic experience.
Another way will be to hire a tour with one of the hotels in Capurgana (they do not have a fixed schedule; the tour leaves when they have the boat close to capacity; approx 40 people) and they will take you to one of the main villages where the locals sell crafts, give you a tour of the village and entertain you with one of their native dances.

Cascada El Cielo


Cascada de La Diana


Cabo Tiburon



Most of the tourists that visit the region stay here in Capurgana and visit Sapzurro as a day trip or on their way to La Miel.
Capurgana is a bigger town with an airport (Daily flights to Medellin) and several big hotels. There are also many shops where you can find souvenirs and also several restaurants and even night clubs. There are also many cabins offered for rent here.
It is possible to walk between Capurgana and Sapzurro by going into the jungle and over the mountain. It's a very nice walk, which takes between one and two hours depending on your pace and how much you'll want to see in the journey.  It's a perfect walk for those who enjoy bird watching;  as this region is known for the great number of species  (more than 900) that either inhabit or migrate through Central America.
It's advisable  to take  some water with you on this hike; there's a guy who sells drinks on the way but it's not reliable.
This walk could be considered strenuous and if it has just rained you'll find sections where it's very muddy and slippery.
The only other way  to travel between both towns is by Panga (small fishing boat) that you can find at the pier.